Your Interview Begins Earlier Than You May Think

Skeptics beware! Most jobseekers make the critical error of believing that their preparation for an interview begins after it has been scheduled. In truth, most interviews begin before the résumé has been customized for the position. It may have started months and even years ago. Really! * * * Terry…continue

The Long-Lasting Effects of Long-Term Unemployment

Big corporations want and buy big government through PACs and lobbyists. Now our big government looks just like the corporations: massive, dysfunctional, lethargic—and greedy. All in a global environment that favors speed, agility, and innovation. * * * Meet Malana Today I spoke to a former long-term unemployed person. Let’s…continue

How Unemployment Has Changed the U.S.

I’m writing this on Memorial Day Weekend. We commemorate the people who have died to preserve our country’s freedom. Even during this time of the Great Recession, I am grateful that I live here in the United States. Do we commemorate or celebrate? Many of us will participate in family…continue

Why You’re Still Unemployed

You have done everything they say, and you still don’t have a job. This blog is in response to a discussion from a LinkedIn Group for job seekers. The discussion centered on the blog: The Pain of Unemployment. One jobseeker had the courage to tell the group about his long…continue

The Pain of Unemployment

The pain of unemployment has become a malicious and inescapable part of our national culture. It is a silent presence in every conversation every day—even if you are employed. Jobseekers carry the bulk of the burden as they try to cope with the financial, psychological, and social impact to their…continue