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Overlooked Details that Kill your Jobsearch

Today, most jobseekers know that there’s more to getting the job than the basics. The struggle to identify all the moving parts of the jobsearch and integrate all of them to bring in a job offer is a daunting task. It is also a moving target. The standard definition of “detail” is: an individual feature, […]
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Could A Lateral Move Be Your Best Friend?

A lateral move has traditionally been viewed, by hiring professionals, as a negative career strategy. Such a tactic usually raises concerns that the individual wasn’t proactive in his or her career. Perhaps they weren’t competent in their former position and couldn’t get anything “higher”. Regardless of the reality, a lateral move almost always causes specific […]
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Under-employment: Is it permanent?

Underemployment is a consideration for many jobseekers. Once unemployment benefits have been exhausted and resources are close to being depleted, underemployment may become an urgent necessity. Making the decision… The decision—to pursue underemployment—may have a deep emotional toll on the jobseeker and his or her family. It can reinforce thoughts of failure. It can steal […]
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Will Periods of Unemployment Be the New Norm?

Job hopping used to be a real negative on a résumé and to some extent, it still is—when hiring professionals review a candidate’s past. However, employment trends are rapidly changing as businesses scramble to keep ahead of unseen competitors, and remain viable in a global, technology-driven economy. The current expectation is that people will change […]
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How to Customize a Cover Letter and Résumé

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.” That comment is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein. It’s also identified as the world’s most overused quote. Now why is that? Jobseeker Catch 22: Most jobseekers I know would very much like to do something […]
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