Is Artificial Intelligence your new career specialist?

Did you know you have a new career specialist? Developers of AI believe they can predict your happiness in a new job…and other key points as well. Also consider these links: Are you afraid to engage on social media? Surveillance Capitalism: How to protect your career. Please follow and like…continue

Afraid social media will hurt your career?

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Text Recruiting: A blessing or a curse for jobseekers?

Text Recruiting: A blessing or a curse for jobseekers? Have you received a text about a job? If you haven’t yet, the chances are growing that you might receive one soon. Would you respond to a text about a job? For many people, a text about a job might not…continue

How free apps minimize your chances to land a job

How free apps minimize your chances to land a job Perhaps you’ve noticed that social media is playing a greater role in the hiring process. Yes? No? How about LinkedIn? Have you noticed that LinkedIn is now the premier database that recruiters use to identify candidates for their clients? That…continue

Is the C-Suite the new sweat-shop? …And why it matters to you! —Part 2

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How to Cut Your Jobsearch in Half

Are you applying for the right jobs and are you credible to the hiring professional who will decide to bring you in for an interview? Yes? Are you sure? The fundamental concept that all Forward Motion programs emphasize is the importance of finding employment that is a good fit. This…continue