The Two Greatest Job Search Challenges

The most difficult challenges: The most difficult part of a job search is that you don’t know when it will be over. The second most difficult part of a job search is that there is very little, if any, recognizable feedback to improve your success rate along the way and…continue

The Science of Hiring, Part 2: Cultural Fit and Productivity

Job Fit: Theory and Science Last week began a series of blogs on The Science of Hiring. Consider reading the article about Job Fit: it isn’t what you think. In Part 1, the concept of Job-Fit proved to have a different definition to jobseekers than it did to the hiring…continue

The Science of Hiring, Part 1: Job Fit

Job Fit: It isn’t what you think. “Job Fit” and “Cultural Fit” have become common terms in the hiring realm. Both terms may seem innately vague, however they are at the core of successful hiring processes. Both jobseekers and employees will find that a thorough understanding of these concepts from…continue