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The Hidden Reason You Aren’t Selected for an Interview

Many jobseekers get frustrated at what they call “the black hole.” They apply for jobs with certainty that they can perform the activities as outlined in the job description. When they read the qualifications, they are certain that they match each one to perfection. The missing link: Very few jobseekers intentionally consider their alignment with […]
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Job Security is Like the Olympics: Vet the Recruiter!

To get a job and stay employed is a lot like the Olympic Games. These athletes train day after day and year after year for these events. Similarly, jobseekers are going to have to do the same to understand their industry, track hiring trends, and steer clear of opportunists who would take advantage of them. […]
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Job Security: Job Fit—the moving target

After an interview, jobseekers often say, “I hope I get that job…it’s a good fit.” When I read Human Resource and Recruiter blogs about hiring, they are constantly asking about job fit. And yesterday, a potential client spent about 90 minutes telling me about her current job, which could be summarized by, “It’s just not […]
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