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Is your thinking killing your job search?

How you manage just 16 seconds may prolong your job search or get you hired. This principle of strategic recovery can propel you forward during interviews and your job search in general IF you know what to do. * * * Mel’s excitement grew as the interview progressed. It was going so well. He knew […]
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Been laid off recently?

Beating Double Jeopardy! Jobseekers experience a DOUBLE WHAMMY Double Whammy You’ve been laid off. A real blow to your self-esteem. You don’t think things can get any worse. Think again. There’s another disaster just around the corner, and it’s going to hit twice as hard as your layoff experience. Everything you thought you knew about […]

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How to get an introduction

…and network for a job. In 2013, networking for a job will become more important in your job search as hiring professionals improve their processes to find the best candidates. If you aren’t familiar with the term crowdsourcing, now is the time to learn about it. For shy people and those of us with quiet personalities, […]

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Digital Dirt

Is your Digital Dirt costing you a job?   There have been several news reports indicating that HR Professionals and Recruiters are now checking you out on Facebook as much or more than on LinkedIn. How come? Because they get your professional profile from LinkedIn, but Facebook gives them insight into your character off the […]

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