When does the interview begin?

Your interview begins earlier than you think! Getting called for an interview brings a bag full of mixed emotions. Our minds tend to be overwhelmed. We go into hyper drive and begin the onerous process of preparation as we manage our excitement and deal with our fears and self-doubts. *…continue

How to Get from Despair to Hope

Or…Jobseeker Mental Madness Management Time and time again, jobseekers tell me that the most difficult part of a job search is managing their mental traffic. As I listen to my clients they often begin a sentence with, “What if…” The remainder of the sentence is usually a negative event: “What…continue

Your Long-Term Employment Survival Kit: Part 1 of 3

Interviews with Neil Patrick, owner of 40PlusCareerGuru. PART 1: Which is better—Large U.S. Corporations or Small to Medium Enterprises? Technology is driving the world towards a globally interconnected, multi-national economy. For better or worse, this change is happening quickly and will dramatically impact employment opportunities. Personal financial security will rest,…continue

How to Beat Long-term Unemployment

Your résumé is key to beating long-term unemployment. When Sam was laid off, he had no idea of the horror that would slowly unfold. He had heard about colleagues that were laid off, who didn’t find a job and faded into oblivion. He just assumed they didn’t have their act…continue

Résumés that dispel the age myth

“The problem is I’m over 50.” Since 1993, Rod maintained his position as a manager in a shop that hired both union and non-union workers. He had just turned 60 when he was informed that his position was eliminated. Typical of his generation, most of his career was primarily spent…continue

Your Interview Begins Earlier Than You May Think

Skeptics beware! Most jobseekers make the critical error of believing that their preparation for an interview begins after it has been scheduled. In truth, most interviews begin before the résumé has been customized for the position. It may have started months and even years ago. Really! * * * Terry…continue

What They Didn’t Tell You About Your Job Search

Jobseeker assumptions sabotage efforts! Many jobseekers make some reasonable assumptions about finding a job, especially if they have recently graduated or have been laid off. But those assumptions can quickly sabotage a job search and disrupt a career. * * * The jobsearch has changed dramatically! Five years ago, the…continue