Why Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities No Longer Make the Cut

—Why your skills, knowledge and abilities will help you less and less. For decades hiring professionals have relied on knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs, also known as SKAs) to determine whether a candidate should be moved forward in the hiring process. Definitions: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: This article by Sharlyn…continue

Is Your Résumé a living, breathing document?

No? …then you may be joining the long-term unemployed. * * * Networking is good, except for the fact that, Like it or not, résumés are still key to getting a job. They are the key to the door to employment. This is true even if you have a great…continue

The Number One Deadliest Mistake that Most Jobseekers Make

This common mistake consistently kills a jobsearch even before it has begun. I believe that many jobsearches never truly recover from the damage caused by this devastating error. At best the damage extends the jobsearch by four to six months. * * * John (not his real name) gets the…continue

Under-employment: Is it permanent?

Underemployment is a consideration for many jobseekers. Once unemployment benefits have been exhausted and resources are close to being depleted, underemployment may become an urgent necessity. Making the decision… The decision—to pursue underemployment—may have a deep emotional toll on the jobseeker and his or her family. It can reinforce thoughts…continue

How to Customize a Cover Letter and Résumé

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.” That comment is sometimes attributed to Albert Einstein. It’s also identified as the world’s most overused quote. Now why is that? Jobseeker Catch 22: Most jobseekers I know would very…continue

How Transitional Work Can Boost Your Job Search Success

Since the Great Recession, the attitude of hiring professionals regarding transitional employment has experienced a turnaround. From about 2008 through 2012, anyone who took a seasonal or “transitional” position was doomed to stay in that position for at least a year or two. However, today is a different scene altogether….continue

How to Beat Long-Term Unemployment

The media coverage has been frustrating because unemployment has been dropped from their coverage. The focus of international news focused on the Middle East, the lunar eclipse, and the Nobel Peace Prize. Domestic news included worries about new terrorist attacks, the Ebola virus, the upcoming elections, new concerns about the…continue