Careermageddon is here… are you ready?

We continue to face challenges brought about by the Great Recession. Many people find themselves wondering if they will again be without a job. Other people I talk to have already found that their unemployment status is disrupted by bouts of temporary employment. Is this what they can expect for…continue

How to enter the hidden jobs market and get hired

As technology changes the hiring process and the global economy enlarges the pool of jobseekers, many companies are turning to recruiters to help them find the right person. This article is about working with recruiters. * * * It can be very disconcerting for a jobseeker when the media reports…continue

The Hiring Cycle is in your Favor—it’s Time to Move!

Or….how the job cycle works..** The top hiring cycle myth: Many jobseekers hang up their resume as October leads to November. At that point, at least in the U.S., there is an assumption by many jobseekers, that the Thanksgiving and year-end holidays cause the hiring community to go on a…continue

How to Cut Your Jobsearch in Half

Are you applying for the right jobs and are you credible to the hiring professional who will decide to bring you in for an interview? Yes? Are you sure? The fundamental concept that all Forward Motion programs emphasize is the importance of finding employment that is a good fit. This…continue