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Job Security: Vet the company—will it be toxic?

At this point, everyone knows that it’s a very hard market for jobseekers. So when an employed person in today’s economy wants out of their current situation, that’s a heads-up for me. About 30% of my clients have come to me asking for help to find different employment. The reasons they give for “wanting out” […]
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The Real Reason You Aren’t Getting Interviews

or…Why Hiring Professionals Ignore Your              Cover Letter and Résumé or… Who Reads What and When? Jobseekers routinely comb the Internet to find the best advice to apply to their Cover Letters and Résumés. There’s so much advice out there that it would take millions of jobseekers decades to try it all out. There has […]
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Job Search Distractions

Job Focus vs. Distractions  Do you relate? It feels like it takes a lot more effort than it should to look for a job description that suits my experience, skills and talents. Once I find one, it feels like it takes a lot more time than it should to put together a cover letter, résumé […]

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