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How to secure a reasonable work-life balance

Can there really be a reasonable work-life balance? Almost everyone I meet is looking for a reasonable work-life balance. And many of those people, who are gainfully employed, are also totally exhausted. So it doesn’t surprise me that when I first meet a potential client, and ask, “What are you hoping for in your next […]
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Interview…no offer… Doesn’t mean you failed?

Interviews bring great hope: Interview requests bring hope. When an email or phone message asks for a jobseeker by name—everything changes. All of a sudden that “just okay” position, may become an incredible prize. The benefits of working there may grow and many of the negatives may diminish or evaporate. This is a fairly common […]
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Your Elevator Pitch…it’s time for an overhaul!

…this is where jobseekers give away their advantage every time. Are we still using an elevator pitch? Really? I wondered. I went out to Twitter and looked up #elevatorpitch…Oh no. I was aghast… page after page of tweets. Surely, they must be old…nope. Just yesterday. I especially liked one tweet: “Ditch the Pitch.” An Internet […]
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Are you waiting to hear back from an interview?

Interview Follow-up: Top 10 Tips! This job was important to Don and when the call came to schedule an interview, he took special care as he prepared. As a non-profit accountant, Don was very aware that opportunities were disappearing as his industry began outsourcing his business function. Early in the recession, many accounting jobs had […]

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