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Critical Points to Assess a Job Offer

Employers are careful when they make job offers today. And some, for a variety of reasons are also crafty in their process. Novice jobseekers may find that they are at a distinct disadvantage if they are unprepared when assessing the job offer. Especially when a jobseeker is unemployed, it is especially difficult to pass up […]
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The TOP-MOST Critical Aspect of Your Job Search

With the unemployment rate down and the jobs report exceeding expectations, news about unemployment has taken a backseat. The current focus includes the Middle East Crisis, terrorists threats with ISIS and Boko Haram, the danger of Ebola becoming a pandemic, and the border predicament as 56,000,000 unaccompanied children pour into the U.S. And then there […]
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Why Your Job Search Plan Isn’t Working

Are you getting interviews? Are they for jobs that are a good fit? Are the interviews at the right level for your next career move? If the answer to any of these questions is “NO” then it’s time to assess your Job Search Plan. The results you receive when you respond to a job posting […]

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How to Create a Reader-Based Cover Letter and Résumé

If you’ve been in the job search for very long you probably realize that with so many people looking for a job, expectations by the hiring community have skyrocketed. Times have changed and the do-it-yourself cover letter and résumé is not likely to fit the bill for most job-seekers. Today’s cover letters and résumés are […]
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Job Security: Job Fit—the moving target

After an interview, jobseekers often say, “I hope I get that job…it’s a good fit.” When I read Human Resource and Recruiter blogs about hiring, they are constantly asking about job fit. And yesterday, a potential client spent about 90 minutes telling me about her current job, which could be summarized by, “It’s just not […]
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Résumé fonts and ATS
   – the facts!

Applicant Tracking Systems Font Facts Tech-savvy Jobseekers: Jobseekers are becoming some of the most tech-savvy individuals on the Internet. They are keenly aware that their future earnings are at the mercy of technology and they are making it a priority to understand every possible clue that will improve their odds of winning an interview. Applicant […]
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Underemployment: Is it an option?  Underemployment is a consideration for most jobseekers. Sometimes, it is a necessity. If you are underemployed, you may first think, “This isn’t so bad.” The job might seem easy compared to what you used to do. The hours might be less and the tasks might be less complicated. You might […]

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Job Search Distractions

Job Focus vs. Distractions  Do you relate? It feels like it takes a lot more effort than it should to look for a job description that suits my experience, skills and talents. Once I find one, it feels like it takes a lot more time than it should to put together a cover letter, résumé […]

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Finally …. Job Offers

Responding to and assessing job offers  Once you have made it through the interview process, the waiting time can be difficult. Finally, you receive a phone call, email, or letter and you find out if they want to hire you… or not. The situation is challenging regardless of the news. Whether you receive an offer […]

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