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Careermageddon: Businesses drive the Gig Economy
       …exploitation or necessity?

The Gig Economy is taking off and gaining momentum. It seems unstoppable. What do you think of when the words, “Gig Economy” come up? Uber? Airbnb? Lyft? ToolLocker? ParkingPanda? ClosetCollective? TaskRabbit? …perhaps you don’t recognize some of these. The list could have been a lot longer. Regardless of your “Gig Recognition Score,” these kinds of […]
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How to write a stunning career change résumé

Career change is becoming the norm for most people. This creates a challenge when trying to put together a resume. Jobseekers educate themselves about the benefits of both chronological and functional resumes as well. But when a career change is in process it can be a major challenge to formulate a resume that demonstrates credibility […]
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Your career success depends on one simple skill

Many jobseekers are finding their job search has come to a dead-end. Do you relate? They apply to positions where they believe they are totally qualified —and they don’t even get a call. It’s excruciating. Mid-career jobseekers look for positions that seem to be a good next step to develop their career path. That seems […]
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Functional or Chronological résumé? Should you try a hybrid?

Economic change continues to bring significant layoffs, especially from large corporations. Disruptive business models are undercutting large and mid-sized businesses and small businesses require new employees to fill multiple roles. The Traditional Chronological Résumé In the past, especially in large corporations, responsibilities changed relatively slowly. An employee might easily stay in one role and grow […]
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Changing or Shifting Careers? …Be fast and efficient

To change or not to change…that is the question. A business analyst has a fair amount of Project Management experience. She wonders if it would be a good idea to shift over to Project Management. It pays better than the Business Analyst positions…Should she or shouldn’t she? Another jobseeker doesn’t like his job or the […]
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How to Thwart Concerns About Your Long-term Unemployment

Long-term unemployed? Feeling invisible to the hiring community? Confused? Frustrated? Hopeless? This blog contains practical action points to demonstrate that you are ready to go back to work. These are the points that HR professionals and recruiters need to know before they decide to call you for an interview. The last blog The Stigma of […]
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Could A Lateral Move Be Your Best Friend?

A lateral move has traditionally been viewed, by hiring professionals, as a negative career strategy. Such a tactic usually raises concerns that the individual wasn’t proactive in his or her career. Perhaps they weren’t competent in their former position and couldn’t get anything “higher”. Regardless of the reality, a lateral move almost always causes specific […]
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How Transitional Work Can Boost Your Job Search Success

Since the Great Recession, the attitude of hiring professionals regarding transitional employment has experienced a turnaround. From about 2008 through 2012, anyone who took a seasonal or “transitional” position was doomed to stay in that position for at least a year or two. However, today is a different scene altogether. There are several reasons that […]
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