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How to Thwart Concerns About Your Long-term Unemployment

Long-term unemployed? Feeling invisible to the hiring community? Confused? Frustrated? Hopeless? This blog contains practical action points to demonstrate that you are ready to go back to work. These are the points that HR professionals and recruiters need to know before they decide to call you for an interview. The last blog The Stigma of […]
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How to Beat Long-term Unemployment

Your résumé is key to beating long-term unemployment. When Sam was laid off, he had no idea of the horror that would slowly unfold. He had heard about colleagues that were laid off, who didn’t find a job and faded into oblivion. He just assumed they didn’t have their act together. His cousin Stella had […]
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Résumés that dispel the age myth

“The problem is I’m over 50.” Since 1993, Rod maintained his position as a manager in a shop that hired both union and non-union workers. He had just turned 60 when he was informed that his position was eliminated. Typical of his generation, most of his career was primarily spent in two companies, moving up […]
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