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Job Seeker’s Weekly To Do List

To stay motivated in your job search, most people find it helpful to set weekly goals. Completing them brings a sense of accomplishment. It is the quantity and quality of the items on that checklist that make up the substance of a good job-search program. They should be quantifiable, or measurable, either in time spent […]

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How to get an introduction

…and network for a job. In 2013, networking for a job will become more important in your job search as hiring professionals improve their processes to find the best candidates. If you aren’t familiar with the term crowdsourcing, now is the time to learn about it. For shy people and those of us with quiet personalities, […]

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New (Social) Networking for Jobseekers

Traditional networking, for jobseekers and everyone else might be described as an opportunity to identify people with whom a relationship would be mutually beneficial. The traditional process is simple: People meet, discuss their situations, investigate areas where a relationship might be helpful. Both parties may choose to suggest someone else as a potential benefit. Today, […]

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