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Fighting the Funk

Many jobseekers find themselves in a funk Perhaps it doesn’t need definition. If you’ve been there, you know what it is. Funks are hard to fight. They rob people of every ounce of energy and leave them feeling dejected and uninterested, bored, tired, and filled with negativity. Funks can also trigger intense anger. Anger at […]

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Been laid off recently?

Beating Double Jeopardy! Jobseekers experience a DOUBLE WHAMMY Double Whammy You’ve been laid off. A real blow to your self-esteem. You don’t think things can get any worse. Think again. There’s another disaster just around the corner, and it’s going to hit twice as hard as your layoff experience. Everything you thought you knew about […]

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Managing Your Thoughts

The Inner Voices If you have been unemployed longer than you expected, there is a good chance that situational depression has set in. This can take the form of lethargy (e.g., lack of interest or motivation), sadness and low self-esteem. These feelings are the body’s reaction to how you think about your situation. This internal […]

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Staying Motivated

Staying Motivated During Your Job Search The US government determines the unemployment rate through a survey of 60,000 households. They do not include people who are under-employed, part-time workers, or those who simply have stopped looking for work. So the picture is even more dire than the numbers! We know that people are losing much […]

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Managing Your Emotions

Most people agree that getting laid off is a life-changing experience… It can bring a torrential downpour of emotions including anger, resentment, guilt, fear, sadness, and frustration. The gamut can also include variations of relief and excitement. I was laid off twice and both times I experienced a wide array of both positive and negative […]

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Success Factor?

Number 1!!!! Success Factor for Job Seekers As the job search wears on, it understandably wears us down! Many people lower their expectations when their efforts to find a job are unsuccessful. It’s not uncommon to hear mid-career jobseekers say, “I can’t even get an entry-level position!” That’s true—of course not! It would be very […]

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