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Panel Interview Tips

What is a panel interview? A panel interview is where one candidate meets with two or more individuals (the panel) at the same time. The panel may consist of as many as 10 (or more) people. Sometimes, one person may serve as the moderator and ask the candidate questions on behalf of the group. Other […]

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Group Interview Tips and Secrets

Interview… Interview… INTERVIEWS! This article is written by Marie Y. Taylor and Marcia LaReau. What is it? In a group interview one or two moderators interview all the candidates for a single position at one time, in the same room. Generally, the candidates will sit in a row facing the moderator. These kinds of interviews are becoming more prevalent […]

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Interview Tips for Millennials

Interview Tips for Grads & Others This article is written by Ericka Spradley, owner at My Next Level and Marcia LaReau, Founder and Owner of Forward Motion, LLC. Making the transition from college to the workplace can be especially challenging because the rules are so different and often times, there are different assumptions on the part of both employer and […]

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