Why the Job Numbers Don’t Matter

We are getting used to the job numbers being incrementally better each month. But from a jobseeker’s perspective, it simply isn’t moving fast enough. The truth is, the job numbers, better or worse, don’t matter. Heidi Shierholz, using Congressional Budget Office (CBO) data, announced this week that, at our current…continue

The Real Reason You Aren’t Getting Interviews

or…Why Hiring Professionals Ignore Your              Cover Letter and Résumé or… Who Reads What and When? Jobseekers routinely comb the Internet to find the best advice to apply to their Cover Letters and Résumés. There’s so much advice out there that it would take millions of jobseekers decades to try…continue

Panic Attack!
     …the terror of an interview

AND 4 Key Components of a Job That Fits Jobseekers willingly submit themselves to what might feel like cross-examination and interrogation during an interview. I am certain that isn’t the intent of the interviewer, however, with so much at stake, managing fear and sometimes even panic, is critical. Panic attack?…continue

Résumé fonts and ATS
   – the facts!

Applicant Tracking Systems Font Facts Tech-savvy Jobseekers: Jobseekers are becoming some of the most tech-savvy individuals on the Internet. They are keenly aware that their future earnings are at the mercy of technology and they are making it a priority to understand every possible clue that will improve their odds…continue

Is your thinking killing your job search?

How you manage just 16 seconds may prolong your job search or get you hired. This principle of strategic recovery can propel you forward during interviews and your job search in general IF you know what to do. * * * Mel’s excitement grew as the interview progressed. It was…continue

The Long-Lasting Effects of Long-Term Unemployment

Big corporations want and buy big government through PACs and lobbyists. Now our big government looks just like the corporations: massive, dysfunctional, lethargic—and greedy. All in a global environment that favors speed, agility, and innovation. * * * Meet Malana Today I spoke to a former long-term unemployed person. Let’s…continue

How Unemployment Has Changed the U.S.

I’m writing this on Memorial Day Weekend. We commemorate the people who have died to preserve our country’s freedom. Even during this time of the Great Recession, I am grateful that I live here in the United States. Do we commemorate or celebrate? Many of us will participate in family…continue