Surveillance Capitalism: How to protect your career

Surveillance Capitalism is moving quicker than anyone thought. Are you up to date on how your career will be changed by Surveillance Capitalism? If not, please watch this short VLOG. Also consider these links: Neil Patrick Career survival in the age of surveillance capitalism Shoshana Zuboff The Age of Surveillance…continue

JOB SEEKER ALERT —You are being stalked!

Have you heard of Surveillance Capitalism? How about the fourth industrial revolution? This is where we are living…right now. According to Neil Patrick’s blog, Participate or Perish, we are now the most sought-after product in the universe. If you haven’t read his blog, I suggest you rearrange your calendar and…continue

HR Analytics: To a hammer, everything is a nail

HR Analytics: To a hammer, everything is a nail Spoiler alert: I’m a skeptic. HR Analytics: What is it? HR Analytics is also known as People Analytics, Workforce Analytics or Talent Analytics. (I’m already nervous about this because the only group of people who think we can accurately quantify “talent”…continue

Insights into the Food Industry with David Shapiro

An interview with David Shapiro Over the last few years, I’ve worked with several clients in the food industry. The lineup of roles includes line cook, sous chef, executive chef, front-of-the-house coordinator, house manager, floor manager, and club manager. David Shapiro has been in the food industry since 2009. He…continue

Text Recruiting: A blessing or a curse for jobseekers?

Text Recruiting: A blessing or a curse for jobseekers? Have you received a text about a job? If you haven’t yet, the chances are growing that you might receive one soon. Would you respond to a text about a job? For many people, a text about a job might not…continue

Attention Boomers: Are Jobs Coming?

Attention Boomers: Are Jobs Coming? You WILL get a job…If Boomer Jobseekers are struggling mightily with the perception that they are obsolete and their career is over, done, finis. It’s a myth, a lie, a sham. It is a shame that so many boomer-jobseekers believe this cruel deception. Living the…


How free apps minimize your chances to land a job

How free apps minimize your chances to land a job Perhaps you’ve noticed that social media is playing a greater role in the hiring process. Yes? No? How about LinkedIn? Have you noticed that LinkedIn is now the premier database that recruiters use to identify candidates for their clients? That…continue

Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Knock-out questions, Part 2

Welcome to the fourth blog in this series on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). These blogs detail the elements in these systems that “auto-eliminate” jobseekers, based on the document that they upload into the system. The last blog identified six filters that commonly known as “Knock-Out” questions. Here they are again….continue